Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Clothes for your pooch anyone?

Scoping out local pet clothes manufacturers, I came across K9 Couture. It is a great concept and with celebrity owners and celebrity clientele, the venture seems pretty bigtime. Aside from pet clothes, K9 Couture sells all kinds of pet accessories and provide a variety of services like grooming and pet massage. Their flagship store is located at Tiendesitas in Pasig City.

Maguai at the Bench Show

Robin and I went to the Pedigree bench show last saturday. He brought Buffy, I brought Maguai. Buffy met a lot of nice people and, of course, dogs and she looked like she had a lot of fun. Maguai, unlike Buffy, wasn't in the mood to circulate. He refused to walk so I had to carry him around the whole afternoon. He seemed amused by all the dogs he met at the show but that did not make him want to run around excitedly as he does at home. Fortunately, Maguai was not too heavy and he was clean and fluffy so I didn't mind having to carry him around. It was just like carrying a stuffed toy. Over all, it was a fun day for us and the dogs. We got to see a lot of beautiful dogs, make new friends, watch exciting exhibitions, and scarf down a sabrett hotdog sandwich with everything on it-- yum!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Where is Oxyfresh?

One thing that really bugged me about the otherwise adorable pekingese is their propensity to develop bad breath. Until a little over a year ago, we discovered Oxyfresh pet deodorizer. We bought a gallon and it lasted a year with 8 pekingese. Apprehensive at first, thinking that the clear, odorless liquid was simply water, we regularly squirted the product into their waterbottles. But sure enough after a couple of weeks, the bad breath was gone. Needless to say, it worked wonders. However, when my sister and I went to the Oxyfresh office last Wednesday to buy another gallon after we ran out of it, we found out that they have closed. We asked the new tenant of the store where they moved but they said they really just closed completely. CLOSED? But why? And more importantly, where will get our Oxyfresh products? There are some stores that have their products on stock, but now we wonder, will those stocks be replenished? HELP!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Free Rabies Vaccine for Everyone

Yehey! I just love freebies. Who doesn't? Anyway, we got the small dogs vaccinated last April 8 and 9 at the Pet One and Greenlegs event in Philamlife Village, Las Pinas. We had to make 2 trips because we have a lot of dogs, not including the big ones that won't fit the car. It was tiring but considering the vet bills you otherwise pay for, we really have nothing to complain about. They gave away Pet One samples to all registrants but the free dog grooming promo was given only to those who purchased Pet One dog food. It was a successful event-- many participated so dogwatching was quite interesting. So to Pet One and Greenlegs, a big THANK YOU!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Snoopy's Brothers

This one's Scooby.

And this one's Bully.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April Activities

All breeds show at Tiendesitas Ortigas Pasig City on April 8-9. For the complete list of dog show schedules for April, visit the PCCI website.

Pet One in cooperation with Green Legs pet supplies will sponsor an event offering FREE dog grooming and anti-rabies vaccination. It will be held at the park area of Philamlife Subdivision in Las Pinas, MM. We'll bring as many of our dogs as we can to avail of the freebies. Hehe..

I got some details on the Pedigree Bench show from the PCCI forum. It was posted by May Reyes from Pedigree. I will reproduce it here for those interested.--

...the PEDIGREE Bench Show is a conformation show with a little twist.

It is going to be the very first Bench show and the biggest event of PEDIGREE in the whole of Asia. It is patterned after the Bench shows of Crufts but due to limited space, it will be on a smaller scale.

This show is co-presented by three affiliate clubs, the Philippine Dobermann Federation, the Philippine Hound Group Club, Inc and the Bulacan K9 Club and will be for the benefit of the PCCI.

There is going to be a conformation back-to-back All-breed Championship dog show under two International Judges from Australia and fabulous PEDIGREE Bench Show trophies will await the winners. Points won from these shows will be accredited as this is a PCCI sanctioned show and points will be counted for the National Top Dog of the Year. PCCI show schedule shall be followed:

Saturday AM: Sporting & Terrier Group
Saturday PM: Toy & Hound Group

Sunday AM: Non-Sporting & Herding Group
Sunday PM: Working Group

Entry fees shall be the same as that of PCCI and you may register your entries through the PCCI office at (02)7218345. Please look for Janet.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the conformation shows on April 22 & 23 at the NBC tent at the FORT. Comfortable holding areas for the dogs entered in the show shall be provided.

While the Conformation show is on-going there will be other activities and the highlight of the two-day event are the activities within the Bench area. Top Breeders with expertise on their own respective breeds and their dogs shall be occupying the Benches. Walk-ins, spectators and guests are welcome to visit the Benches and find out more about the breeds they are most interested in.

Breeders shall decorate their benches, post photos, posters or even give out leaflets as a means of sharing their knowledge on their particular breed. Breeders shall be available on both Saturday & Sunday to attend to all inquiries there may be on the said days. At the end of the event, the most popular Bench shall be given an award.

Puppies will not be allowed to be displayed and sold during the 2-day event. PEDIGREE strongly upholds the golden rule of Responsible Pet Ownership. Breeders are encouraged to invite their prospective puppy buyers to their house or kennel and develop a mentor-student relationship.

Benches shall be provided for by PEDIGREE. As for assigning of Bench participants, priority has been given to the PEDIGREE Ambassadors and PEDIGREE sponsored clubs. Other slots are still available and you may contact me at 0917-885-0508 on how to apply for it. Of course, being a PEDIGREE Event, PEDIGREE users shall be given priority.

Outside the tent, other canine activities are scheduled. All these geared on giving more knowledge to dog owners and will-be dog owners.

Please invite all your friends, those interested to learn more about dogs and those who are in search of a new dog to come and visit the PEDIGREE Bench Show on April 22 & 23 at the NBC Tent at the Fort, as this will be an opportunity of a life time to meet up and talk to the Philippine's finest breeders and to learn from them and to witness the Biggest World Class Canine event to happen here in the Philippines and in Asia.

This event shall be televised and will be aired a week after the event on Studio 23.

I hope to see you all there! Let's work hand in hand as this show is for all of us! Kudos!

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Long and Short of It

I'd been curious why some pekingese have long fluffy coats while some have short, flat coats. Got this bit of info from the Pekingese Club of America:

A pekingese normally has an outer layer of “guard hair” and a woolly “undercoat”. The guard hair stands away from the dog’s skin and protects it from heat or cold. The undercoat provides extra warmth. It is more seasonal in its growth and shedding cycle. A healthy pekingese will shed some undercoat and guard hair on a regular basis. Hair loss can be managed if the dog is groomed regularly: daily for show dogs and at least twice per week for companion dogs.
More noticeable losses of coat can occur due to climatic or hormonal changes, trauma or significant changes in diet. The fullness and length of a dog’s coat varies depending on the dog’s genetic makeup, its diet, and care. Show dogs usually carry more coat than a companion pet.