Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two-Dog Day

Today we brought Magi and Buffy to Seaside. We had Magi groomed- 400 pesos includes detangling, mat trimming, paw hair trimming, shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning, nail trimming, blow dry, the works, for a full two hours. Needless to say, the Maguai was pampered silly thanks to Marge and her friendly staff. Buffy on the other hand got her ear professionally cleaned.

After buying some treats for the dogs, we went to Powerstation for dinner. We had dinner at Yasubei Japanese restaurant where the waitresses fussed over adorable little Magi who was running around Powerstation without a leash (apparently, he does not like being leashed. Otherwise he would chew on the leash and would refuse to walk altogether.)

Our day ended at Starbucks where my sister got four stickers for her red card and Buffy got cinnamon roll crumbs from the floor. Back home, it only took a few minutes before the two dogs were dead to the world. But I'm pretty sure they'd be dreaming about this day all night long.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Maguai Lookalike

The peke pup in this video looks a bit like our own puffball, Maguai.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

China adopts 'one dog' policy

Saw this on the news tonight:

"BEIJING - First it was one child. Now authorities say Beijing families will be allowed only one dog.
The restriction is part of efforts to stamp out rabies, state media said Wednesday. It follows a campaign in August in which thousands of dogs were killed in order to fight the disease.

China's capital will institute a 'one dog' policy for each household in nine areas, the official Xinhua News Agency said. "

Monday, October 23, 2006

October 22 is Buffy's Birthday

On her first birthday, Buffy treated her kennel buddies to canned food and a lot of dog biscuits. The dogs had a blast!

Happy Birthday, Buffy!

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Clifford The Big Red Dog® on Board To Celebrate Adopt-A-Dog Month®

Plus, Tune In for a Special Clifford Week on PBS KIDS!

October is American Humane's Adopt-A-Dog Month® and the hugely popular Clifford The Big Red Dog® has signed on as official “spokesdog” for the monthlong celebration. Clifford is featured on American Humane’s Adopt-A-Dog Month posters and other materials that have been distributed to more than 6,000 shelters nationwide.

Millions of dogs are euthanized every year across the country because there are not enough loving homes. This is why American Humane’s Adopt-A-Dog Month was established. Celebrated every October, the tradition promotes dog adoptions from shelters and provides an opportunity to teach the public how to care for their pets responsibly. Improve your life with a dog’s companionship, and support these voiceless creatures.

More here.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pinoy Pet Superstar

It's probably too late for this but I just thought I'd let you know anyway: Besides, it's another great reason to join the event. ;-)

PAWS Fund Raising Event

See you there!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bon Voyage, Cris!

Mojos' owner, Cris, just left for the US. She won't be able to come home for at least 2 years so Mojos will be staying with us for a while.

Cris, we promise to take good care of Mojos. He's family after all. We wish you all the best!

P.S. Mojos sends his regards. :)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Pekingese Pups For Sale

Found this ad online. Click on the link below in case you're interested. ;-)



One of the hardest hit by Typhoon Milenyo was Cavite, our province. (Notice the during and after shots of the typhoon.)

Our kennel was designed to have maximum ventilation. Good for the summer, but very bad for typhoons. Caught off guard, the dogs got a bit wet before we got all of them inside the house.

The weather is fine now. In fact it's getting a bit warm again, like nothing happened. The dogs are fine, too, a bit shaken but dry.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Waste Markets

Let's keep our environment clean for us and our dogs.

...... Sept 8 (and every first Friday of the month) at the Gold Crest Car Park, Ayala Ctr (along Arnaiz Ave. Makati), and
......Sept 22 (and every third Friday of the month) at the Alabang Town Center (Alabang - Zapote Rd)


Trade scrap paper for new (office/ mimeo) paper! Trade used ink cartridges for new! Sell your electronic waste (junk computers) and old / broken appliances. Sell your used lead acid batteries.

Redeem the following for cash: PET plastic bottles and other plastics, aluminum/tin cans, scrap glass.

Drop off points also provided for junk cellphones/ cellphone batteries/ styrofoam

The Waste Markets aim to make recycling convenient and accessible, especially for those who frequent commercial shopping areas, and also to show that Filipinos CAN make recycling a habit! Please help spread the word and forward this announcement to friends, family and colleagues.

For more information, contact Nancy pilien at the
Phil. Business for the Environment, tel: 6352650. Thank you!

Philippine Business for the Environment (PBE) 2F DAP Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig City Tel: (63-2)635.3670 / (63-2)635.2650 to 51 Fax: (63-2)631.5714 CP: 0917.405.9265

Email: ph Website: ph / ph

See you at the Waste Market!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Snoop Scoop: Pet Shops at Sea Side!

Something's got Snoopy very excited...

There is a new complex beside Seaside in Macapagal Blvd. and a large section of it seems to be devoted to pet shops. Most are still closed when we went there a couple of days ago (On the corner near the seafood market looks to be a HUGE Bioresearch Hypermart). But I can safely say that this is very exciting for pet lovers. Some shops are airconditioned and all of them are very clean. They look a lot like the pet shops in Tiendesitas, so for those who live around southern Manila and find Pasig very far, this is the place to be.

They sell pet supplies, even those hard to find ones, at reasonable prices and some shops even offer dog grooming. Check it out!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

What pet shampoo do you use?

After getting a job, I didn't have time to groom the pekes and shih tzus as regularly as I used to. Fortunately, the lady that washes our clothes likes dogs, too, and she agreed to wash all 10 fluffballs once a week for a small fee. I started scoping out good pet grooming products (since I am feeling guilty, I am overcompensating a bit). Right now I am trying Sergeant's pet shampoos. The whitening shampoo worked well with buffy. We are still giving the green anti-tick and flea formula a test run. It's supposed to kill and stave off those evil little buggers for ten days.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Run Buffy Run

She outruns everything.

Friday, September 01, 2006

New Look

Hey there! I realized that the template I chose before this one did not display Archives so I decided to change it again. With this template, you can again browse through the blog's archives.
(Mushu sends his regards to everybody.)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Rainy Day

Heavy downpour yesterday left the dogs in the kennel all wet.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

PCCI Back to Normal

PCCI can process registration papers again. Yehey!

Maguai's Hat

We gave Maggie a bath, put a hat on him and let him loose around the house. After a few minutes of walking around, he found a corner and stayed there to rest. The ultimate lapdog.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Lawsuit and A Court Order

Here's some background on why dog registration in the Philippines was temporarily stopped (PCCI Online Forum):

04/07/06 at 11:42:29


Civil Case No. MC06 -2962, filed in Mandaluyong City

1. PLARIDEL Products & Services, Inc., has filed a suit against the PCCI asking for damages of Php4,250,000.00 plus cost of suit for their claim that PCCI did not impose the pre-registration requirement of microchipping as per a MOA signed by Plaridel and PCCI.

2. PLARIDEL likewise filed a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER (TRO) to order PCCI to cease and desist from registering pure-bred dogs that are not properly identified by microchipping. Our lawyers, the Abejo and Partners Law Office, are now fighting to stop the courts' issuance of a TRO.


Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) v.s. PCCI Issued
04/26/06 at 19:03:13

Civil Case MC06-2962
RTC Branch 212,Mandaluyong City
Hon. Judge Rizalina T. Capco - Umali

Quoted from the Court Order received today:

Plaridel v.s. PCCI


WHEREFORE, let the Temporary Rstraining Order be issued against defendant PHILIPPPINE CANINE CLUB, INC. (PCCI) and all persons, agents, employees, officers and directors claiming rights or receiving instructions from them and all persons acting under their control and/or directions, prohibiting them to register pure-bred dogs and to issue Certifed Pedigree and Registration Certificate without first imposing the pre-registration requirementof microchipping pursuant to the MOA, the same shall take effect upon posting of Php 2,000,000.00 such bond shall answer for whatever damages that defendant may suffer should it be held later that the plaintiff is not entitled to it and for a periodof TWENTY DAYS (20) only after further ordered by the court.



Willie Gutierrez
Director, PCCI

Still On Hold

From the PCCI Online Forum:
Dog Registration Status
05/29/06 at 17:25:23
Please wait for an official announcement when the dog registration will resume which we hope will be very soon.

We also would like to clarify that PCCI office has never been closed. All other office and other activities continues as usual except for the dog registration which was stopped due to a court order.

Thank you.

Willie Gutierrez
Director, PCCI

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Snoopy the Clown

Snoopy will do just about anything to get our attention. She is a cute little clown. Don't you think?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Aloha Bears Kennel RELOADED

The house is undergoing renovation. And so is our kennel. Here are some shots of the work in progress.The big dogs are squatting here in the meantime while their own dog houses get refurbished.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shih Tzu Care

A little Shih Tzu Grooming Info from

These little dogs require a good daily grooming using a bristle
brush. A topknot is usually tied with a bow so that the dog can see properly.
Some owners prefer to have them trimmed to make the coat easier and less time
consuming to care for. Keep the ear passages and area around the eyes clean.
Shih-Tzu's have sensitive eyes that should be keep clean. There is special drops
you can buy to put in them if needed. Ask your vet what to use on your dog. This
breed sheds little to no hair and are good for allergy suffers if their coats
are kept very well groomed. (Due the fact that they shed little skin dander.)

More info on the Chrysantemum Dog at

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dogs and Pneumonia

Been researching on pneumonia in dogs ever since two of ours got diagnosed with it recently. I found this site where you can ask questions about dogs and other experienced dog owners can help you out with the answers--

Expert: Patti

Date: 7/11/2004

Subject: dogs-pneumonia

QuestionA friend recently got a puppy who came down with double pnumonia. She is currently being treated, but how long will it take before she is 100%? Now her other dog has begun to cough, will he recover quicker if it is treated sooner? how long should I keep my dogs away for?


Hi Meredith, The outcome of dogs with pneumonia is largely dependent on the cause of the pneumonia and the severity of the infection. It can take at least 2-3 days before the antibiotics to begin working. Tell your friend to follow the directions which the vet has given, and be sure to dispense all of the medication, and the puppy should have a total recovery. Antibiotics are usually given for at least three weeks, but that can go longer depending on the dog's clinical results. Regarding your second question, yes, a quick diagnosis will lead to a quick recovery, with less possibilities for complications. If the other dog is coughing, it should be taken to see the vet as soon as possible. It may have been exposed, and pneumonia is very contagious. Ask the vet how long to keep the dogs separated. Keep the puppy warm and dry and see that he gets plenty of water to drink while he's healing from pneumonia. If your friend has a moist air humidifier, place it near where the puppy spends a lot of time, as the moist air will help him breathe easier. (Make sure the humidifier is kept clean). Tell
your friend not to over-exercise the puppy; allow only what your puppy can tolerate. Do not allow the puppy to get short of breath during exercise/activity. Use a harness instead of a collar; this is less restricting to the neck, and will allow the puppy to breathe easier. The puppy should not be around people who smoke. I hope I've been a help.

Best of luck,


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Aloha Bears' Beagles

Aloha Bears' Snoopy

Aloha Bears' Shorty

Aloha Bears' Scooby

Dam: Jemane's Jeeper

(Sire: Puerto Rico of Timbuktu)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Show Quality Dogs

Somebody asked me what the difference between show quality and pet quality dogs. I did some research and found this informative article about the difference between show quality and pet quality beagles--



The average dog owner considers all dogs "pets". But in show dogs terms this has a different connotation. While all my dogs are my "pets" (dogs that I love and care for)-I make a distinction between the show potential and pet quality puppies when selling them.

The term "pet quality" to a show breeder means that there is something with that particular puppy that would decrease or remove any chance of it being championship material. To the untrained eye, often these imperfections would not be seen.

In beagles this may mean, short ears, wrong coat color, one crooked tooth or many crooked teeth, legs too long, toes too flat, tail with a small kink, light colored eyes, undescended testicles, muzzle too narrow, tail set to low on body, tail carried to high over back,bow legged in the rear, chest two wide in front, too large with potential to grow to over 15 inches height at the shoulders( this is a disqualifying fault with AKC).... etc. These things do not make a dog less a pet or less able to love his new home. Again to the average person many of these things would not even be noticed.

Here is a picture of a puppy I sold as a "pet". She was very small, had short ears and Princessher muzzle looked short to me and I could not imagine breeding her due to her size. The family that got her loves her dearly. She has made a wonderful "pet". She has turned out as I expected and has the home she deserves; sleeping in her human's bed and being the center of attention.

Determining "pet quality vs show potential" is an individual breeders decision based on the interpretation of the AKC beagle standard and the needs of a breeding program. REPUTABLE BREEDERS sell all "pets quality" puppies with a spay/neuter contract and limited registration. PET QUALITY puppies are NOT breeding stock.

"SHOW POTENTIAL" puppies are those puppies that I judge at that age to be capable of achieving an AKC championship at maturity. This is of course depends on the fact that they grow up to look as I expect. A breeder makes an educated guess based on past experiences. I recently had big puppy bitch that I would have bet the house would grow to be a 15". Well, at six months of age she is only 12 1/2" and may stay a 13" MUCH TO MY AMAZEMENT. Her father is a line which I have not used before, so there were different genetics at work.

The cost of pet quality and show potential varies with show potential being the most costly. Most show breeders will not sell their show quality puppies to homes that only want pets. Many breeders have waiting list-so if you are looking for a pet beagle contact those in your area.


Reputable breeders want all their puppies to be loved and to be someone's "pet". But we must make decisions on which of our puppies are good enough to be shown and hopefully mature in to future breeding stock. Future breeding stock should be better than their parents and are to be cherished. Many champions are finished but this alone does not make that beagle breeding stock. A breeder should only breed the best;striving with each generation to improve the health, structure, and overall quality of their beagles.

Author-Ruth Darlene Stewart

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Clothes for your pooch anyone?

Scoping out local pet clothes manufacturers, I came across K9 Couture. It is a great concept and with celebrity owners and celebrity clientele, the venture seems pretty bigtime. Aside from pet clothes, K9 Couture sells all kinds of pet accessories and provide a variety of services like grooming and pet massage. Their flagship store is located at Tiendesitas in Pasig City.

Maguai at the Bench Show

Robin and I went to the Pedigree bench show last saturday. He brought Buffy, I brought Maguai. Buffy met a lot of nice people and, of course, dogs and she looked like she had a lot of fun. Maguai, unlike Buffy, wasn't in the mood to circulate. He refused to walk so I had to carry him around the whole afternoon. He seemed amused by all the dogs he met at the show but that did not make him want to run around excitedly as he does at home. Fortunately, Maguai was not too heavy and he was clean and fluffy so I didn't mind having to carry him around. It was just like carrying a stuffed toy. Over all, it was a fun day for us and the dogs. We got to see a lot of beautiful dogs, make new friends, watch exciting exhibitions, and scarf down a sabrett hotdog sandwich with everything on it-- yum!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Where is Oxyfresh?

One thing that really bugged me about the otherwise adorable pekingese is their propensity to develop bad breath. Until a little over a year ago, we discovered Oxyfresh pet deodorizer. We bought a gallon and it lasted a year with 8 pekingese. Apprehensive at first, thinking that the clear, odorless liquid was simply water, we regularly squirted the product into their waterbottles. But sure enough after a couple of weeks, the bad breath was gone. Needless to say, it worked wonders. However, when my sister and I went to the Oxyfresh office last Wednesday to buy another gallon after we ran out of it, we found out that they have closed. We asked the new tenant of the store where they moved but they said they really just closed completely. CLOSED? But why? And more importantly, where will get our Oxyfresh products? There are some stores that have their products on stock, but now we wonder, will those stocks be replenished? HELP!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Free Rabies Vaccine for Everyone

Yehey! I just love freebies. Who doesn't? Anyway, we got the small dogs vaccinated last April 8 and 9 at the Pet One and Greenlegs event in Philamlife Village, Las Pinas. We had to make 2 trips because we have a lot of dogs, not including the big ones that won't fit the car. It was tiring but considering the vet bills you otherwise pay for, we really have nothing to complain about. They gave away Pet One samples to all registrants but the free dog grooming promo was given only to those who purchased Pet One dog food. It was a successful event-- many participated so dogwatching was quite interesting. So to Pet One and Greenlegs, a big THANK YOU!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Snoopy's Brothers

This one's Scooby.

And this one's Bully.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April Activities

All breeds show at Tiendesitas Ortigas Pasig City on April 8-9. For the complete list of dog show schedules for April, visit the PCCI website.

Pet One in cooperation with Green Legs pet supplies will sponsor an event offering FREE dog grooming and anti-rabies vaccination. It will be held at the park area of Philamlife Subdivision in Las Pinas, MM. We'll bring as many of our dogs as we can to avail of the freebies. Hehe..

I got some details on the Pedigree Bench show from the PCCI forum. It was posted by May Reyes from Pedigree. I will reproduce it here for those interested.--

...the PEDIGREE Bench Show is a conformation show with a little twist.

It is going to be the very first Bench show and the biggest event of PEDIGREE in the whole of Asia. It is patterned after the Bench shows of Crufts but due to limited space, it will be on a smaller scale.

This show is co-presented by three affiliate clubs, the Philippine Dobermann Federation, the Philippine Hound Group Club, Inc and the Bulacan K9 Club and will be for the benefit of the PCCI.

There is going to be a conformation back-to-back All-breed Championship dog show under two International Judges from Australia and fabulous PEDIGREE Bench Show trophies will await the winners. Points won from these shows will be accredited as this is a PCCI sanctioned show and points will be counted for the National Top Dog of the Year. PCCI show schedule shall be followed:

Saturday AM: Sporting & Terrier Group
Saturday PM: Toy & Hound Group

Sunday AM: Non-Sporting & Herding Group
Sunday PM: Working Group

Entry fees shall be the same as that of PCCI and you may register your entries through the PCCI office at (02)7218345. Please look for Janet.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the conformation shows on April 22 & 23 at the NBC tent at the FORT. Comfortable holding areas for the dogs entered in the show shall be provided.

While the Conformation show is on-going there will be other activities and the highlight of the two-day event are the activities within the Bench area. Top Breeders with expertise on their own respective breeds and their dogs shall be occupying the Benches. Walk-ins, spectators and guests are welcome to visit the Benches and find out more about the breeds they are most interested in.

Breeders shall decorate their benches, post photos, posters or even give out leaflets as a means of sharing their knowledge on their particular breed. Breeders shall be available on both Saturday & Sunday to attend to all inquiries there may be on the said days. At the end of the event, the most popular Bench shall be given an award.

Puppies will not be allowed to be displayed and sold during the 2-day event. PEDIGREE strongly upholds the golden rule of Responsible Pet Ownership. Breeders are encouraged to invite their prospective puppy buyers to their house or kennel and develop a mentor-student relationship.

Benches shall be provided for by PEDIGREE. As for assigning of Bench participants, priority has been given to the PEDIGREE Ambassadors and PEDIGREE sponsored clubs. Other slots are still available and you may contact me at 0917-885-0508 on how to apply for it. Of course, being a PEDIGREE Event, PEDIGREE users shall be given priority.

Outside the tent, other canine activities are scheduled. All these geared on giving more knowledge to dog owners and will-be dog owners.

Please invite all your friends, those interested to learn more about dogs and those who are in search of a new dog to come and visit the PEDIGREE Bench Show on April 22 & 23 at the NBC Tent at the Fort, as this will be an opportunity of a life time to meet up and talk to the Philippine's finest breeders and to learn from them and to witness the Biggest World Class Canine event to happen here in the Philippines and in Asia.

This event shall be televised and will be aired a week after the event on Studio 23.

I hope to see you all there! Let's work hand in hand as this show is for all of us! Kudos!

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Long and Short of It

I'd been curious why some pekingese have long fluffy coats while some have short, flat coats. Got this bit of info from the Pekingese Club of America:

A pekingese normally has an outer layer of “guard hair” and a woolly “undercoat”. The guard hair stands away from the dog’s skin and protects it from heat or cold. The undercoat provides extra warmth. It is more seasonal in its growth and shedding cycle. A healthy pekingese will shed some undercoat and guard hair on a regular basis. Hair loss can be managed if the dog is groomed regularly: daily for show dogs and at least twice per week for companion dogs.
More noticeable losses of coat can occur due to climatic or hormonal changes, trauma or significant changes in diet. The fullness and length of a dog’s coat varies depending on the dog’s genetic makeup, its diet, and care. Show dogs usually carry more coat than a companion pet.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Beat the Summer Heat

Temperatures are rising fast and being in a tropical country, this is one matter to take seriously when it comes to our dogs' health. I found this helpful article online with tips on how to handle the summer heat:

Summer Tips for Dog Lovers

Summer is fun for humans and dogs alike but a few common sense suggestions may make yours a happier one. Some dog's are particularly sensitive to the heat regardless of breed or amount of fur, watch your dog closely to prevent heat stroke and make sure your companion lives to a ripe old age.

  1. Never leave your dog in a car in the summer even with the windows down or air conditioner running. Cars can stall or run out of gas.
  2. Never leave your dog tied outside unattended in summer. Leave him in the basement or in a crate with a fan or air conditioner.
  3. Don't walk or exercise your dog in the middle of the day. Go early in the morning or after the sun sets.
  4. Take your dog swimming instead of running.
  5. Buy a kiddie pool for your yard and put your dogs favorite toys in it. Teach your dog to play in the sprinkler or hose.
  6. Try not to take your dog from cool air conditioning to intense heat, the temperature change could make him collapse.
  7. Don't shave your dog down to the skin unless you have a breed you would do that with normally (like a cocker or a poodle). Less hair does not make the dog cooler. Nature has designed it so that dogs with a lot of fur (goldens, huskys, akitas) channel air to the skin to help cool them.
  8. Keep your dog's coat in good condition by brushing him regularly and removing trapped dead hair which will prevent air from reaching his skin to cool him.

If your dog does overheat:

  1. Get your dog to the vet fast !
  2. Cool him down slowly in lukewarm water not freezing cold water. An abrupt change in temperature could make his body go into shock.
  3. Put cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol between his toes.
  4. Take his temperature every few minutes to be sure it's going down. Normal for a dog is 101-102.5. A high temperature for a dog is considered 104 or higher.
  5. Wet a towel and wrap the dog in it.
  6. Take the dog to an air conditioned room or car or set up a fan.

The most important thing to remember if your dog overheats is to act fast. If a dog's temperature stays high for longer than a few minutes permanent brain damage can result. If you cool him down, do so slowly so as not to send him into shock. Even if the crisis passes don't take any chances get your dog to the vet immediately.


She has just been named "Snoopy"

This is Bea's female puppy at three weeks. She is incredibly cute. We named her Snoopy.

Buffy's Day Out

We took buffy out last saturday to see the dog show at Tiendesitas. Also, we pigged-out on yummy Bonnie's barbecue, bought Robin's favorite Tagaytay mountain coffee ground beans for the coffee maker, got buffy a snazzy new harness, and eavesdropped on the Animal Scene anniversary program.

All in all, Buffy thought it was a pretty fruitful day.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Pedigree Bench Show

Credits: PCCI online

Upcoming Show this March

Just a heads' up. PCCI All-Breeds dog show on March 25-26, 2006 at Tiendesitas Ortigas, Pasig City. Judges are Julie Franks (AUST) and Linda Buckley (AUST). We already missed the week-long Pet Expo in Tiendesitas that ended last March 19, 2006, hope we don't miss this coming dog show. I will bring Maguai, if ever. See you there!


A Pekingese, PHIL. GR CH DREAMVILLE BLACK CHERRY (owner: Christine Lo), won best in show in the 352nd PCCI all-breeds championship. The 351st and 352nd PCCI all-breeds championship dog show was held last February 25-26, 2006 at Starmall EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Other winners are:
1. Best in Show Ring 1
Breed: Shih Tzu

Best in Show Ring 3
Breed: Siberian Husky

Best Baby Puppy in Show
Breed: Shih Tzu

Details at the PCCI website.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Update on Dog Friendly Establishments

I have updated Tin's list on dog friendly establishments:

1. Baywalk (Roxas Boulevard, MM)
2. Blue wave (Macapagal Boulevard, MM)
3. Puerto Azul Beach resort (Cavite)
4. Gayuma (Katipunan, QC)
5. Tiendesitas (Ortigas, Pasig City)
6. Powerplant Mall, ground floor (Rockwell, Makati City)
7. Eastwood City (Libis, QC)
8. Powerstation Mall (Macapagal Boulevard behind the Shell Station, MM)

Taken Buffer (a.k.a Buffy) there twice and she seems to like it there enough. Manila seems like the most dog friendly spot. You can have breakfast a Powerstation, lunch at Blue Wave and watch the Sunset at Baywalk. All these locations are less than five (5) minutes from each other. I think you can probrably even walk your dog at PICC.

Buffy@home (unrelated shot)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bea's First Litter of Puppies

They were born 2:50 am of March 4, 2006.
2 boys and a girl.

Super cute puppies!