Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Save the cheerleader, save the dolphins

Fourteen thousand dolphins are killed in Japan every year. The manner of killing is barbaric. I learned about this sad fact, because Hayden Panettiere went to Japan to try to save a group of pilot whales from slaughter. msnbc wrote "As a spokesperson for SaveTheWhalesAgain.org, Panettiere hopes her traumatic ordeal will help raise awareness. 'We all crossed our fingers that those whales didn’t die in vain,' she concluded."

While it is not fair to condemn an entire country or a condemn an entire people for the actions of a few, or even the actions of the majority, the rational mind has it limits, and 14,000 Dolphins is past mine. I do condemn.

"Whales and dolphins are traditionally used (as resources) in Japan," said Hideki Moronuki of the Japanese Fisheries Agency. "In this light, we cannot accept an argument simply based on emotional causes."

I am angry, and angry people are not rational ones. I just lost my taste for anything Japanese, their cars, their foods, their clothes... everything with "Made in Japan" stamped on it. I will do my best, to give Ms. Moronuki, more than "emotional causes" to change her mind.

Next time someone ask me to eat at a Japanese Restaurant, I will just have to say, "I am sorry I do not eat Japanese food. They kill dolphins." Besides, all the blood killed my appetite.

Photo from SaveTheWhalesAgain.org

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dog Biscuits

It is no secret that our dogs go gaga over dog biscuits. Recently, we got them this big bag of gourmet flavor dog biscuits and they tore into it in just a few days. One morning I saw Maguai sleeping soundly on top of the empty package of the biscuits. Apparently, it fell into his cage the night before. I can only imagine what he was dreaming about that morning.

Maguai enjoying his share of the loot.

I used to make huge batches of homemade dog biscuits for our little furry friends. But lately, I'd been very busy with work and whatnot that I could not bake for them anymore. Soon, I hope. I know that dog bone cookie cutter is stashed up there somewhere. Making these dog biscuits is pretty enjoyable after all, I can use the R&R. And watching these cute little dogs happily gobble up what you make is the icing on the cake.